In which four is good enough.

So four of you are still here.  Four!  That’s four more than expected.  It was so lovely to see your comments on Saturday: so lovely in fact that I can’t NOT attempt to start writing here again.  So, here I am. Writing.

But where to start? Now that’s daunting.

Expect to hear more detail about all of this in the coming days, but for now let’s play a very truncated game of catch-up.

The last you saw this little fam of mine, we looked something like this:

Family, November 2010

Obviously, Andy and I haven’t changed that much (you’re shocked, I know).  The kids on the other hand went from this:

Kids, November 2010

to this

Kids, May 2012

Which is to say, they turned into somewhat bonafide kids

Alder is 2 now; he makes up conjunctions like “womtime” (shorthand for “one more time,” and which actually means “infinite times, kthx”) and “peanut butter and jamwich,” looks genuinely concerned when he suddenly realizes, hands entangled in Jaya’s hair, that the screaming means “that HURTS!” and is thus finally learning to let go of the hair as a result, and has eyes that will eat you for breakfast.

See what I mean?

Alder's big brown eyes!

Jaya is 4.5, although she insists she is “4 and three quarters”; she is generally obsessed with the very concept of quarters (and halves, and thirds),  generally disdainful of figurative drawing, and generally happiest in the water or climbing an 8′ chain link fence.

These days we are following an unschooling approach to homeschooling, though I am sure that will evolve over time.  I joke that this  basically means that our approach to homeschooling is “carting our kids all over New York City.” Except that’s not really a joke.

Though Andy and I appear in far fewer pictures, we are still here too.  Andy is doing well, progressing with his dissertation, and making the rounds teaching at all the schools in NYC at which you’d hope to teach.

And me?  Well there are updates about me for sure, but you’ll have to wait for ‘em, because that is a whole, a whole — as they say — ‘nother post for sure. In the meantime, please pardon the dust — I’m still persnicketing (wonder where Alder got his general sense of flexibility with the English language?) around with the lay of the land here.

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3 Responses to In which four is good enough.

  1. pomegranate. says:

    so happy you are peeking in here!!!!! that then and now sort of photo biz is insaaaaaane!!

  2. serina says:

    Look at those beautiful beebs! So glad you’re writing.

  3. Oh his eyes DO eat me for breakfast! Goodness gracious I miss you and those kids, and I’m glad you’re writing here again. I’ll take your tales in all the places I can get them. xo

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