In which she starts a new chapter.

Before Jaya decided to up and learn how to swim, I had promised you all an update on how I am doing. So here is that slightly delayed update.

Since we spoke last I finished one chapter of my life: I completed my PhD. I completed my PhD, and all I got was a not-so-lousy cake that said “What’s Up, Doc?”

Well that’s not strictly true, actually: my diss also won my department’s “best in show” award, which was pretty cool because I got to hear a little blurb read about my work that made me sound all fancy. So I finished my PhD and got a not-so-lousy cake that said “What’s up Doc?”, a blurb that made me sound all fancy, and $500 (from said award), which I promptly put toward bills because that is the kind of life a PhD in English lives. Ha!

Anyway, the day I defended my dissertation was perhaps one of the most anticlimactic of my life. From what I gather, this is true of most everyone’s defense day, but for me it was especially anticlimactic because I knew I was closing a chapter. I had, for several years, been looking at my doctoral program as a job rather than a career, partially because I knew the chances of me getting a decent job in the city we refuse to leave was virtually impossible, and partially because as I went through my twenties and did all the things one does during that decade, I realized that maybe fresh-out-of-undergrad Robina was a little naive when she thought academia was the right field for her. This is something I plan to blog about further, and in more detail, soon, but suffice it to say that the defense was anticlimactic because I knew I would be starting a new path just a week later. Or rather, the prequel to a new path.

And now I’m done with the prequel and actually starting a new chapter:

Starting a new chapter!

Seriously, though: who the heck is Mrs. Robina? That’s Dr. Robina (even if you’re not nasty). And ahem, soon to be Dr. Robina, Certified Midwife. This is a journey I look forward to sharing with you all here. It’s something I’ve considered since I was 25, and I am beyond thrilled to finally be doing it (though I am not thrilled to be taking out my first student loans at 32 years old).

Oh yeah, and the other big news is that I went back to bangs.


A significant year, indeed.

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4 Responses to In which she starts a new chapter.

  1. serina says:

    This is awesome, Dr. Robina. You’re going to be a fantastic midwife!

  2. Ivory says:

    This is amazing Robina! Bangs!

    Oh, and the Ph.D. and CNM stuff as well. ;) I’m actually starting the process of a CPM/LM program out here in WA, though I will not be seriously into the program for another year or two (pre-reqs + 4 kids under 7 is juuuuust about the limit of my abilities right now I think). Yay midwives!

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