"I had my first baby naturally, but was induced with no epidural, and my second was a C section.  What I longed for with my third delivery was a completely natural birth. I wanted to move through it at my own pace, uninterrupted and completely held and supported at the same time. It was hard to imagine that I would actually have that experience, which I ended up having with Robina. 

She was so calm, sincerely engaged, and attentive.... She was constantly honest, giving me all my options, making it seem like anything I would decide would work just fine.  

My delivery lasted about eight hours, about four of them extremely and increasingly painful. Every time I opened my eyes she was there. when I held out my hand, she held it back. Her presence was so gentle and yet so solid and reassuring. 

I'll never forget the moment my little boy popped out. She caught him and gave him to me and when I whispered his name, which I hadn't thought of till that very second I first saw him- she warmly asked me what that was and smiled a beautiful smile.

After a week or so, when I talked to her on the phone.  Robina suggested I write Dov's birth story. I'd never heard of that before, and she told me how she wrote all three of her children's birth stories and tells it to them every birthday. I wrote Dov's story and cried and was so grateful to her for continuing to be there for my most delicate exciting, one of a kind experience, even after it was over. The following months, I got in touch with her about Gentle night weaning, Natural birth control, and other issues I was concerned with.  I still send her pictures of my baby!


"Robina was attentive, kind, caring, and nonjudgmental. She completed home visits where she did vitals and checked the babies positioning. She recommended books. She assisted in preparing for the home birth. When it came time for the babies arrival, she was available every step of the way.  She created a calming and relaxing vibe through an overall somewhat stressful/painful experience.

I don't even look back and think of the pain. I think of how much joy I felt in that moment.  Robina guided and supported us every step of the way. 

I am very happy that I shared that monumental moment with Robina and couldn't have imagined a child birth experience without her help."


I was 4 months pregnant when I had the pleasure of meeting Robina. I must say [working with her] was the best decision I ever made! Robina is absolutely amazing and caring. I've never seen a midwife with so much compassion and understanding. I had an amazing birth thanks to her --

she was very patient and kind and even though I thought I wasn't doing my best she assured me that I was, each time with a smile. I'm entirely grateful Robina was the one to carry me through such an incredible journey.

Thank you so much for everything, you are truly the best!"

- Sasha

"I was one of those pregnant women who had watched The Business of Being Born, read every article on natural birth, and had my birth plan ready months in advance. I was one of those pregnant women who did not want an epidural, any interventions, and was terrified by the idea of a c-section. I was one of those first time moms who wanted everything surrounding the birth of my twins to be natural, but had no idea what I was in for when it came time.

I met Robina Khalid when I was already well into the throes of labor at Woodhull Hospital. My birth plan was sitting in my pre-packed hospital bag, untouched by any of the medical officials who were tending to me. My plan of no interventions was already out the window as I was induced and being given pitocin and then received an epidural after about 14 hours of contractions.

Robina was kind and attentive as she entered my room, unlike some of the other [providers] who I can’t even remember because they were so robotic and sterile in their care.  She saw my struggle to keep control as I began to weep after having to get the epidural. She assured me that my worst fears weren’t inevitable just yet and there was still a great chance of me giving birth vaginally.

Robina went as far as to vouch for me and insist that I begin giving birth in the normal delivery room as opposed to being carted off right away to the OR as was procedure for twins.

She believed in me and helped me to believe in myself in that moment.

On the morning of Sunday, June 18th 2017 I delivered two babies vaginally....Despite all my preparing and planning, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Robina played an irreplaceable part in that and my family and I will always be grateful."

- Jherelle

Being born is important
You who have stood at the bedposts
and seen a mother on her high harvest day,
the day of the most golden of harvest moons for her.

You who have seen the new wet child
dried behind the ears,
swaddled in soft fresh garments,
pursing its lips and sending a groping mouth
toward nipples where white milk is ready.

You who have seen this love’s payday
of wild toiling and sweet agonizing.

You know being born is important.
You know that nothing else was ever so important to you.
You understand that the payday of love is so old,
So involved, so traced with circles of the moon,
So cunning with the secrets of the salts of the blood.
It must be older than the moon, older than salt.
— Carl Sandburg