What We Offer

Prenatal Care

  • Free consultation visits for potential clients.

  • Comprehensive, holistic, relationship-based prenatal visits every 4-5 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks until your birth, with extra visits as necessary.

  • Lab testing, including genetic screening options

  • Availability to clients by phone, text, and e-mail for questions and concerns, including 24/7 for urgent needs

  • Ultrasound referrals

  • Medical consultation and referral as needed

  • Nutritional and herbal guidance for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery

A prenatal visit usually lasts 45-60 minutes and occur in either of our Brooklyn or Upper West Side offices. We also each do one prenatal visit in your home after 36 weeks to get to know your space before your birth!  


Labor and Birth Attendance

• Homebirth, including waterbirth, after 37 weeks of pregnancy
• Continuous care and support during active labor, birth, and the first hours after birth
• Qualified, trained assistant during the birth

 Postpartum Care

• Complete physical exam of the newborn after birth
• Lactation support
• Postpartum education for the new family
• Regular postpartum visits  at 1 day, 7 days, and 6 weeks postpartum with extra visits as necessary
• Pulse-oximetry testing, newborn screening, jaundice checks, and weight assessment for the newborn
• Availability to clients by phone and e-mail for questions and concerns, including 24/7 for urgent needs

The day 1 and day 7 postpartum visits take place in your home. The 6 week postpartum visit occurs in either of our Brooklyn or Upper West Side offices.

Well-Person Care

Our approach to well-person care is non-judgmental, evidence-based, and considers the whole person. We skip the whole "cold office/paper gown" feel, listen to you with your clothes on, discuss your healthcare goals, then make a plan for the kinds of testing you might need that day. You'll be able to utilize the opportunity to learn more about your own body and health in an empowered way.

We delight in caring for clients between pregnancies, developing relationships with clients in the preconception period, and serving those who do not intend a pregnancy.  We offer:

  • Annual exams, including pap smears and sexually transmitted infection testing

  • Contraception counseling, including prescriptions for various options, IUD insertions, and education about Fertility Awareness Method and Natural Family planning.

  • Preconception care

  • Testing and treatment for vaginal conditions such as candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis

  • Routine blood work as indicated

A well-person visit usually lasts 60-90 minutes and is offered in either our Brooklyn or Upper West Side offices.


Lactation Consultations

After giving birth, most folks want to nurse their babies, but receive so much conflicting advice, they don't know how to make sense of all of it. Combine that with postnatal healing, Dr. Google, and a frustrated baby and it can seem impossible to decode the process. We are here to listen, assess, assist you, and come up with a plan that will work. We are generous with follow up and will make sure you have what you need on your journey!

  • Complete feeding assessment

  • Assistance with latch/positioning and treatment of sore/cracked nipples

  • Pre- and post-feeding weights

  • Suck assessment

  • Assessment of your milk supply and improving it when needed

  • Assessment of baby's milk transfer and tools to improve it when needed

  • Treatment of infections including mastitis and thrush

  • Prescriptions when applicable

  • Written plan identifying your issues and how we will work to resolve them

  • Follow-up by phone, email, and text

A lactation consult usually lasts 90 minutes and is offered in our Upper West Side office.


“I can't speak highly enough about Tanya…After a very impersonal and stressful experience with a self-proclaimed "progressive" OBGYN practice in Manhattan, in my third trimester, I switched to a home birth with Tanya as our midwife.

The difference in care was night and day! Finally, I felt listened to, cared for, comfortable, safe and that everything I was experiencing was normal and expected. She made me feel like birth was a natural process that my body was capable of (which is what I knew intuitively all along). The prenatal home visits were relaxed, not rushed, informative, and even enjoyable – a long way off from our experience at the OBGYN's office.

The birth itself went beautifully due to our preparation from Tanya's Bradley Method course and her calm and attentive presence throughout the process. The birth of our daughter was the peaceful, intimate experience we'd hoped for. After the big event, Tanya's attentive care continued over the following weeks.

She checked in on me and my new baby 24 hours after birth, 1 week post-partum, 2 weeks PP, and 6 weeks PP. During this very delicate time, her vast knowledge of breastfeeding and postpartum health was invaluable. She taught me how to encourage the baby to latch properly and cheered us on each step of the way.

My husband and I never felt alone in this process. As new parents with no local family, I cannot begin to describe how important it was to feel supported and cared for.

Tanya is so knowledgeable, compassionate, and respectful. Needless to say, switching to her care was the first of (hopefully) many good decisions that my husband and I made as parents."

— Kristen and Brandon